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The Movement Project already includes several cross-cutting actions of art and communication:

The BOOK CORPUS ET VULNUS, a tribute to Tàpies, Kiefer and Parmiggiani by Sergio Mario Illuminato with a preface by Franco Speroni, art historian and critic, Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. The body and vulnerability are strong links of humanity that, banned by the globalized commerce of the present, enter by right among the materials used for art in creating OAC Organisms Artistic Communicating of nomadic ethics and emancipate the journey of the modern man.

The EXHIBITION EVENT “Corpus-et-Vulnus” that will be held in a single day at the former Velletri Prison and will involve personalities from culture, art, and the press; an immersive, site-sensitive experience within the walls of over a thousand square meters of space, divided into four floors plus various basements in the heart of the historic center of Velletri. Spaces dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, initially constituting the buildings behind the Palazzo de’ Conservatori which housed the Court and the Palazzo della Provincia, and then converted into their current state to house the prisons;

The SHORT FILM “Vulnerare” which will tell the trace, the imprints of a former prison, frozen until today and crossed in the present by OAC Communicating Artistic Organisms. The short film will be circulated in major national and international festivals, presented at social and cultural events around the raised themes;

The PHOTOGRAPHIC EXHIBITION “Con-verso“, as a documentary testimony of the initiatives, enriched by essays and testimonials from personalities from culture and art; an action aimed at rehabilitating the conversion of these former urban spaces into places of high socio-cultural density;

A wide and articulated PROMOTION AND PRESS ACTIVITY with presentations at institutional locations and dissemination of press releases, articles, and interviews. Within which copies of the short film and the catalog-album will be distributed.

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