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In the field, several initial actions:

The BOOK «Corpus et Vulnus, a tribute to Tàpies, Kiefer and Parmiggiani».
Written by Sergio Mario Illuminato, painter-sculptor-art curator, with preface by Franco Speroni, art historian and critic, professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
The body and vulnerability are strong elements of humanity that, excluded from the globalized commerce of the present, rightfully enter the realm of materials used for art in creating Communicating Artistic Organisms with a nomadic ethic, emancipating the journey of modern man.


The ARTISTIC RESIDENCY «Alchemical Officina of Ideas».
The ideas, from vision to reality, are worked on, shaped, and transformed into works of art.
A group of student-technicians in painting and sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, along with teachers and professionals from the fields of cinema, dance, music, and photography, share an immersive, site-coexistence experience for six months within the walls of over a thousand square meters of spaces in the former Papal prison of Velletri. These spaces date back to the mid-nineteenth century and are now abandoned in the heart of the city. At the end of the residency, there will be a public transdisciplinary performative practice.

The «VulnerarTe» MOVEMENT.
From the creation of the book and the experience of the artistic residency, an association of social promotion is born, which  pursues a transdisciplinary performative practice consisting of the integration of expressive resources from painting, sculpture, dance, music, photography, cinema, theater, and publishing.


The SHORT FILM «Vulnerare».
Written by Sergio Mario Illuminato, directed by Federico Marchi, and with the complicity of artists Rosa Maria Zito (photographic and scenic shots), Roberto Biagiotti (moving images), Patrizia Cavola and Ivan Truol (choreography) with Camilla Perugini and Nicholas Baffoni (dance movements), and Andrea Moscianese (original music) with Davide Palmiotto (sound engineer) and Alessandro Pagoni (VFX).
Vulnerare” narrates the traces and imprints of the former Papal prison of Velletri, preserved until the present day and crossed in the present by Communicative Artistic Organisms. The short film is an integral part of the transdisciplinary performative practice “iosonovulnerabile” (I am vulnerable). Additionally, its presentation is planned at major national and international festivals, schools, and social and cultural events related to the raised themes.


In this stage, the artistic process and devices from all the other activities will converge to create an transdisciplinary performative practice combining painting, sculpture, cinema, music, dance and photography.



Document of testimony of the initiatives, enriched by essays and testimonials from personalities from culture and art; an action aimed at rehabilitating the conversion of these former urban spaces into places of high socio-cultural density.



A wide and articulated INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION ACTIVITY with presentations at institutional locations and dissemination of press releases, articles, and interviews. Within which copies of the short film and the catalog-album will be distributed.

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