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Written by Sergio Mario Illuminato
Direction by Federico Marchi
Photography Roberto Biagiotti

Filming by Federico Marchi and Roberto Biagiotti
Editing Federico Marchi

Set Design by Rosa Maria Zito
Choreography by Patrizia Cavola and Ivan Truol
Original Music by Andrea Moscianese
Sound Design Davide Palmiotto
Special Effects Alessandro Pagoni

with the extraordinary participation of:
Sergio Mario Illuminato, Patrizia Cavola, Camilla Perugini, and Nicholas Baffoni, Ex-Carcere Pontificio di Velletri

the Communicating Artistic Organisms are from by Sergio Mario Illuminato

with the Patronage of the LAZIO REGION and CITY OF VELLETRI

we thank the collaboration in organizing by:
Paolo Candidi, Rossella Menichelli, Marina Mingazzini, Riccardo du Marteau, and Antonella Mosca


The filming of Vulnerare in the former Pontifical Prison of Velletri represents the final testament
to a significant historical heritage that has spanned two centuries, documenting the extraordinary
event of Sergio Mario Illuminato’s transdisciplinary performative practice in painting and sculpture,
just before the imminent irreversible transformation of the structure.


Why enter an abandoned prison now? What treasure do you expect to discover? There might be something worth saving. Something that speaks to you. To your desires.

It is difficult to pass through the gate of a prison. You end up in a limbo of invisibility. In the deafening silence of places that should be forgotten. But there is a peculiar beauty in closely examining the decay of what were true Dantean circles. The allure that resides in the exploration of an abandoned place: the danger.
In this way, we join the large community of contemporary Urbex Squads, whose roots are linked to the legendary figure of Philibert Aspairt, who ventured into the catacombs of Paris in 1793. He died during the exploration and was only found 11 years later.
The 19th-century Pontifical Prison of Velletri, buried in oblivion for over 40 years, thus becomes an architectural reality in which a group of transdisciplinary artists can practice a form of creative spelunking, capable of bringing to light what neglect, decay, and time have managed to hide for decades: Communicating Artistic Organisms.
It is a risky physical activity that tests a precarious mental condition in which the boundaries between reality and appearance dissolve, opening the doors to the realm of the impossible.
The uncertainty of the ending invites every explorer to proceed with the utmost caution, challenging indifference and learning to observe a world where reality seems increasingly elusive and manipulable.
In essence, urbex is a kind of unauthorized artist accessing parts of the past that no longer occupy a central place in our lives. In Vulnerare, it is also a way to rediscover the existence of other worlds and a time that goes beyond the one we live in, a world that seems to have crystallized but which, despite everything, makes us see why we should fight for life.




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