Site-sensitive device at the FENDI Casali del Pino

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ESERGO participates in the collective exhibition
«Impossible sessions. Contemporary Art Exhibition»
23-25 April 2022, Casali dei Pini, Fendi
curated and organized by Alessandra Maria Porfidia


From 23 to 25 April 2022 the 11th EDITION of FLOROCULT was held, an exhibition of amateur horticulture, unusual plants, rare flowers, fruits, furnishings, books, advice and meetings. FLORACULT, promoted and organized by Ilaria Venturini Fendi and curated by Antonella Fornai, is an event created to help bring nature back to the center of culture, in a process of integration that today is unthinkable to do without. In the context of urban decay and environmental emergency, green culture is a universal language.

In this context, the Esergo project was presented, a prototype of a solid wood bench worked from a single block that is characterized by an undulatory and sinuous movement that develops through a play of solid alternating with void. Esergo has the special feature of enhancing the grain of the single block of wood through the ancient Japanese woodworking technique Shou Sugi Ban, to draw the skin of the tree trunk, its geography.

The Esergo site-sensitive installation, born from an idea and a project by Sergio Mario Illuminato, coordinated by Prof. Alessandra Maria Porfidia, intends on the one hand to recall, through its technique and the applied aesthetic regime, the domestic wisdom of past – still useful today to trace the lines of our future – the concept underlying the mission of I casali del Pino;

on the other hand to present, thanks to the experience of art, once again the authenticity of the material that tells how borders are important because they make us feel that the very identity of the world – as the French philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy maintains, in the precious intuition of the Corpus – absolute identity is that original opening of the self to the other from itself (singular-plural), in a constant fluctuation between inside and outside.

ESERGO joins with this project the 19 international artists selected in the contemporary scene to create the eleventh edition of the SEDUTE IMPOSSIBILI study project. Contemporary art exhibition, thanks to the collaboration between the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, Florocult, Casali del Pino – Fendi.

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