Permanent Exhibitions



Visual Art Encyclopedia from all around the world. Primary goal is to make world’s art accessible to anyone and anywhere. WikiArt already features some 250.000 artworks by 3.000 artists, localized on 8 languages. These artworks are in museums, universities, town halls, and other civic buildings of more than 100 countries. Most of this art is not on public view. We are planning to cover the entire art history of the Earth, from cave artworks to modern private collections.



The world’s leading online art gallery. Saatchi Art has a mission to help you discover and buy from the best emerging artists around the world. We appreciate talented artists and original artworks handpicked by our expert curators. 1.4 million original artworks. 94k emerging artists. 110+ countries represented.



The creation of an artist’s public digital archive represents an exceptional reference for all owners of the artworks, a demonstration of total transparency and the equivalent of a permanent exhibition. The artist account on ArtID is different from a standard one. ArtID allows to value the entire production by equipping the artworks with the ArtID’s Digital Certificate, increasing visibility through the Marketplace and laying solid foundations for an effective promotion.




Art is made to be seen, and shared. Our DNA: International, Quality, Diversity. At Singulart, we are convinced that the digital space is an invaluable tool for bringing transparency and equity to the art market. Our team is working around the clock, committing their energy to promoting Singulart artists to a global audience. In showcasing artists around the world, we also hope to allow art lovers and collectors alike to explore new artistic horizons, to embrace new cultures and to be inspired by the works of talented artists that they never would have come across if it wasn’t for Singulart.



World Wide Arts Resources is based in the heartland of the United States of America with a strong and effective, global reach. Since 1995, and the early days of the Internet, World Wide Arts Resources has provided art, art services and art information to millions of clients, artists, buyers, advertisers, news media, educators and students. Over the last 24 years, we have become the most experienced, oldest and successful arts site thriving on the World Wide Web today. Our indepth knowledge and constant striving for the real and meaningful progression plays a critical role in enhancing all our clients’ experiences and always meeting their ever-increasing needs. In 1999, World Wide Arts Resources expanded and launched to include the internet’s most comprehensive and contemporary artist Portfolio Program for emerging and established artists worldwide. The Artist/Premiere Portfolio services are the largest and most successful program of it’s kind representing many emerging and established artists from around the world.



PitturiAmo® is the Network destined to revolutionize the world of art forever. 15,796 painters who exhibit their paintings. 174.976 modern paintings online. Pitturiamo is the first portal entirely dedicated to contemporary painters that offers direct contact between the artist and users interested in art. Among the listed painters evaluated by PitturiAmo, the Contemporary Master Emerging Artist Sergio Illuminato, distinguished by a respectable professional curriculum.



IoArte aims to promote emerging and non-emerging art and artists.



Contemporary artists on Artabus… just walk around 1732 galleries. With Artabus® you can have access to virtual galleries displaying best contemporary fine arts, drawings, paintings, sculptures. Choose some paintings, zoom on them and get some info about them.



Life Beyond Tourism® is a movement that has its roots in the hotel world. It was born with the aim of promoting knowledge between countries of different cultures and of contributing to the diffusion and affirmation of universal values such as respect and harmony among peoples, to transform the tourist experience from a simple occasion of leisure into a precious  moment of encounter between subjects of different cultures.