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NO MANIFESTE VULNERARTE, Reality as raw material

The relationship, or rather the distance from reality in contemporary art is, today, one of the keys to understanding the cultural, political and economic situation of a humanity on the brink of extinction.
Times like these should produce powerful art, seeking a tremendous shock in relation to the existing. Instead, we live in a smoothed-out present that constantly avoids any form of pain and that has gradually but inevitably led to the irrelevance of art, depriving us of any possibility of understanding, interpretation and true autonomous contemplation.
Art demands its rights of life with implacable action, necessitating a radical break from the past. The experience of this art in the contemporary is more about «VULNERABILITY» than perfection, precisely because unknown rules reign which must remain unknown.
Vulnerarte is a primordial opening towards the Other. It returns the legible to the unreadable from which it originates. It is an essential part of our humanity allowing us to connect with others in a deep and meaningful way.
Vulnerarte has a body – subject to need, urgency, mortality – that in falling seeks new possibilities and establishes more authentic contacts; With all the mistakes, doubts, smears, and inaccuracies that reveal the emotions, feelings, and experiences of the shared path.
Fundamental aspects of Vulnerarte: indistinctness between work and non-work; self and world; subject and object (identification); author and participant; figure and background.
Vulnerarte uproots the role and comfort zone of artists, participants and exhibition spaces. Form and style no longer fully respond to the artist, and as a result, the work as a «BODY-BEYOND-MATTER» acquires more autonomy. Its sense (its senses) do not belong exclusively to the artist or the participant but to the performative event as a whole indeterminable.
Moving beyond the aspect of site-specific and site-sensitive devices, we arrive at the new term «SITE-COEXISTENCE,» that which is the attempt to create not a confrontation but a dialogue among multiple existences: that of the artists and their work, the participants, in the light of the exhibition spaces; a more impactful experience, even if limited to the time and space of the performative event, to experiment with relational creative practices that reveal connections, affinities, and possible developments.
Vulnerarte creates a «COSMIC-FABRIC-WEAVE» of «COMMUNICATING-ARTISTIC-ORGANISMS» as pieces of existence in every respect, capable of relating to the artist, the participant and the exhibition space to overcome separations, reductions, specializations, simplifications, decontextualizations, for a new cognitive paradigm. In this sense, the function of the exhibition space as “separate” from life is almost null and represents a somewhat serious obstacle.
Vulnerarte escapes the enclosures of galleries, fairs, museums … evades the predefined anaesthetic spaces that have been reserved for art today to keep it on the sidelines and instead re-enters the world; re-opening the contemporary cathedrals of vulnerability, especially transdisciplinary spaces frozen like former  prisons-hospitals-slaughterhouses-barracks-churches-institutions-factories-schools… abandoned places in our metropolises where we can discover what lies behind-the-functioning-world and reconnect it to the present.
Vulnerarte escapes from niches and bubbles configured around pre-determined and hetero-directed tastes, which are implicitly as distant as possible from the unknown, the unknown: from the new.

Vulnerarte is the performative event in which emotions, articulated within and thanks to the «COMMUNICATING-ARTISTIC-ORGANISMS», through a «NOMADIC-ETHICS» and an «AESTHETICS-OF-CONVERGENCE» based on the creative mechanisms of Ruins, begin to present themselves as achievable «SITE-COEXISTENCE experiences: that is, actionable resilient thoughts, able to loosen the action and have another chance at changing things.
Vulnerarte is the art of the present and of the future, it is the art of the world.
The Movement pursues a transdisciplinary performative practice constituted by the integration of expressive resources from painting, sculpture, dance, music, photography, cinema, theater, publishing…

Sergio Mario Illuminato, Founder

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