« Matter ~ Time ~ Vulnerability: the Art that does not-Mind »
I rummage life through the body of matter and this very flesh of the world through art, trying not to fall into non-sense.
The re-vealed and dis-figured inanimate matter in a dynamic relationship internal to the artistic process, is transformed into activated and fertilized layers and encrustations of color.
Alchemical practices in a constantly evolving dimension of experience where the plexus of sensitive possibilities is multiplied into nothing.
Conformations, colors, lines, structures still traces of the truth of life but construction now of fragile signs of choices and changes of what is about to be re-born; anyway destined to arrive late where we do not know.
This exploration of the space given by the device, by prolonging the gap of life in a re-gripping movement, becomes – under the sign of immanence – a geography in movement of the soul, a mapping that becomes concrete flesh of emotions and aesthetic relationships, in the action of art as the realization of another world compared to the ordinary world.